Awareness Ribbons & Quilt Kits

Due to my husband's health condition as a result of a stroke, I've had to learn to deal with asphasia.  Then the unexpected death of my young healthy daughter as a result of a ruptured brain aneursym, I've decided to make AWARENESS this year's priority.

The goal is to promote awareness for causes that don't necessarily get a lot of recognition as well as those that do.   By collaborating with several designers, each offering their own individual promotions for a cause that's near and dear to their hearts,  we hope to bring attention to many more of these issues.

We are all familiar with many of the cancers, diseases, & disabilities such as Breast Cancer, Strokes, Ovarian Cancer, Autism, Leukemia, etc.   There has been a lot of publicity about environmental issues & abused or endangered animals as well, and those are all great causes.

But let's see if we can bring some awareness to the not-so-known causes, like brain aneursyms, Alzheimers, Epilepsy, Aphasia, Dyslexia, and physical & mental disabilities, hunger, etc.