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 Trunk Shows & Workshops

Interested in having a lecture or workshop at your guild meeting?  The following is a breakdown of pricing & accommodation requirements.
If this suits your needs, please email me at appliquesquiltsandmore@hotmail.com to schedule a booking and initiate a contract.


  • Presentation/trunk show -  $250(*) 
    30-45 minutes with slides, quilts, and Q&A.
  • Full day workshop (6-7 hours) $400
  • Two day workshop (same students/same project) $650
  • Half day workshop (4 hours) $300
  •  (minimum of 7 students required)
    Workshop requires purchase of laser precut quilt kit.  Cost per kit will depend
    on design chosen, and a discount is offered for early purchases.

Minimum booking requirements within 50 miles of Westlake, OH is a lecture/trunk show.   Workshops are always welcome as well, no mileage fees.

Minimum booking requirements within 50-75 miles is for the lecture/trunk show, & the ability to sell products. Mileage fees, meals & other** expenses may apply.  Workshops are also welcome.

Minimum booking requirements for 75+ miles is lecture/trunk show & at least one workshop.  Mileage fees, hotel & other expenses may apply.

Available Workshops:

Almost any of our quilt kits can be made available for workshops.  If interested in a pattern/design not posted here, email me your request.

NOTE: Our workshops require the purchase of laser precut quilt kits.  Guild must advise of the quilt design choices at time of signing contract.  Students will purchase kits prior the workshop, but kits will be delivered at the time of the class.

 (*) workshop fees do NOT include cost for lecture/trunk show.  workshops can be booked without trunk show/lecture.
(**)depending on how late into the evening it runs, hotel expense may be necessary.