Soldier Standing w/Rifle Laser Cut Appliques


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Silhouette comes one individual piece.

NOTE: Heat'n'bond sewable backing is NOW available.  It's now easier to choose
your appliques with fusible backing. Simply choose the size "WITH fusible'. 

The ideas are endless------ Can be machine or hand appliqued.

Appliques are cut with a laser and are 100% accurate.

Credits ---- the Military Couple silhouette featured in the Main Quilt picture is an image
by Juliet Furstand and is no longer available for purchase.  Juliet has given me permission
to keep the photo of the quilt  provided she is given 'credit' for her photograph.


  • Soldier measures - 8"H x 4.2"W
  • Soldier measures - 9"H x 4.75"W
  • Soldier measures - 10" x 5.25"W
  • Material is 100% cotton
Price: $5.00
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