KIT - Aneursym Awareness Stop the Pop Laser Cut Applique

Although July is not the Awareness month for Brain Aneurysms,  it's Sept.  I chose to do my block, called STOP the POP, in remembrance of my daughter.  She was a young healthy, vibrant women who loved life and was suddenly & unexpectedly taken from us the day after Christmas 2020, as a result of a ruptured brain aneursym.  

Brain aneurysms are not easy to understand…so my heart balloon appliqué has a blood vessel in the center representing an aneurysm ready to "pop". The popping of that balloon represents a rupture.  Together we can work to curb this silent killer, and help STOP the POP.

The ideas are endless------ Can be machine or hand appliqued.

Appliques are cut with a laser and are 100% accurate.


  • Balloon measures - 10"H x 5.5"W
  • STP - PP Letters measure - 2"H
  • THE letters measure - 1.5"H
  • Hearts measure - 2"H
  • Material is 100% cotton
Price: $15.00
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