GEOMETRIC HARMONY'S Magazine Sneak Peak #3

March 8, 2022

Geometric Harmony makes it debut in the March 2022 Issue #45 Make Modern Magazine.  That's only 4 more days.  Hip hip hooray !!!!

Here's another sneak peek of one of the blocks in the Geometric Harmony quit pattern.  It's another digital photo of an actual block.  

Perhaps you are wondering how I created a geometric shaped quilt without piecing? Simple, with applique. Although applique is typically traditional, it has made its way into the world of modern quilt design. Where do you get your inspiration?  Start with very basic shapes, a square, rectangle, circle, triangles, hexagons etc.

If you actually think about it, there are a lot of art style quilts, especially landscape quilts that use geometric shapes.

 MJ Kinman's Birthstone Series is a great example of quilt blocks using geometric shapes.  MJ uses single-foundation piecing, it's not typical paper piecing.  Her templates are ironed to the right side of the fabric, so there's no confusing reverse piecing.  The templates are easily removed & REUSABLE, so there are no paper bits to pull from the back of the quilt.  It reduces fabric waste since there is NO flip-and-sew method used.  The series makes a wonderful Block of the Month project; A Mother's Day quilt (featuring the family's birthstones; a baby quilt (featuring the baby's birthstones or even a quilt guild challenge.

You can find MJ Kidman's Birthstone Series HERE.  Follow her on:
Instagram:  @mjkinman_textileartist
Facebook: MJ Kinman, Textile Artist

My Geometric Harmony pattern is exclusively found in issue #45 of Make Modern magazine. There are at least 10+ patterns in each of the issues, so it's like getting a quilt pattern for $1.00. 

The best thing about Make Modern is -- once the latest issue hits your inbox, you can download and read it immediately. No waiting for a postal delivery and no shipping fees for you! No trudging out in the snow to get your next edition.

Need motivation? Their photo gallery contains a photo from each pattern published in Make Modern, over 450 photos in all. Small projects and big quilts, they are all inspirational.   Here's the link .

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