March 3, 2022

In August 2021, posted on Facebook was a request to submit a quilt pattern design to Make Modern magazine. Normally, a traditional applique designer (leaning a little on the art side), I found myself debating as to whether or not this was something I could achieve. Having a quilt published in a magazine has always been one of my goals.

After searching the internet for different types of abstract or geometric pictures for inspiration, I said “yes, I can do this!”

Geometric Harmony will make its debut in Make Modern’s issue #45 coming out on March 11th. I'm so excited to share with you my Geometric Harmony wall-hanging quilt pattern.  This pattern is special for several reasons: it’s my first pattern published in a magazine, I reached a long-time goal of mine, and it forced me to step outside of my usual style of quilts.  Stepping outside our comfort zone allows us to grow as quilters. 

Geometric Harmony features 12" quilt blocks using applique.  It's based on simple construction of blocks, sashing, borders, and of course binding.  The quilt blocks are very versatile and can be arranged to make a table runner, tote bags, pillows, and more.

Various basic & some not so basic geometric shapes were used throughout my design. What’s so unusual about this pattern is that two of the most common shapes - squares and rectangles don’t appear.   And to be totally honest, I didn’t even realize that until I started this blog. But you can find circles, hexagons, triangles, pentagons, trapezoids & diamonds. I prefer ‘diamonds’ more than the geometric term ‘rhombus’. There are even shapes inside other shapes.

So, please pop back in a couple of days for an update and sneak peek at the fabric & color choices.

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