Creating New Relationships - Meet Shannon Orr

August 18, 2022

Hello. I'm Shannon an artist, surface pattern designer, illustrator, and author. I live to make art to fill others with joy and happiness! You’ll always find me always drawing flowers, painting landscapes, or sewing a quilt.

I often get asked who is Eva Blake?

Eva Blake is my fictional pen name and a woman I created to embody all of the traits I believe a happy maker should have. She is bold and modern, hardworking, creative, smart, and loves to create beautiful things. As a result of these ideals Eva Blake's Makery is the name of my company. If I had a daughter this would have been her name, but I am blessed to be a mother of two rapidly growing boys.

Rising Tides Lift All Boats

Collaboration and sharing resources has been an invaluable part of the growth of my business. When I first started out with pretty much no startup budget I had two legs up.

First of all I had a friend who generously shared her surplus craft supplies with me. I dug through boxes of ribbon and buttons and paper and sorted them into colored piles. Then I created little craft kits to sell for kids.

Secondly, I bartered space from a candy shop in town. Once a month I would decorate her shop window in exchange to use her generously sized corner booth for craft parties for kids. These two things were invaluable to me! So much so that I even landed a spot on the state news channel and got a feature!

A week after that I was mailing out the 2 orders I had and was recognized by the woman working at the post office.

It literally goes to show... you have no idea where your next YES will take you!

Creating win win situations like this continue to help grow Eva Blake's Makery. Every time a customer purchases a Plan to Quilt it's usually because they have a friend who already owns one and has told them how great it is! Many of you are return customers and share your use of the book on social media too! #plantoquilt

With all of the changes in social media lately I'm focusing in on ways to grow that are by real connections. This is why now, starting soon 1-2 times a month I'll be sharing patterns, products, and tips from other quilters I think are doing great work. So, if you love what their doing please take a minute and check out their work too! Some of them will even offer up a discount code!

Sharing is caring! I know I wouldn't be where I am without you.


Her website is amazing.  She offers all kinds of courses, products etc.

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