Awareness Block - Feb. - Hearts

February 1, 2022

February is the month of LOVE.  It is also American Heart Month.  We have designed a couple of different heart shapes for you to create your own special & unique design for someone you love.  

The templates are designed for raw edge applique, if you are going to do needle turn applique you will have to add 1/4” more fabric along the outer edges of the fabric when you are cutting.   This pattern was created to fit in a 12.5" unfinished block as required by Designer’s Awareness Block Challenge. Complimentary pattern & will be available throughout the month of the February, 2022..  After that you will be able to purchase a pattern on the website under the category “Patterns for Appliques”

Laser precut applique kits are available for purchase for a limited time only.


Applique Kits