USA Block Tour - Washington DC & US VIrgin Islands

February 7, 2021
Week #28 has two special tours for you this week.  One to our Nation's Capital, Washington DC and another to the US Virgin Islands. 
I chose to do the bonus block of the District of Columbia because my husband worked for the Secret Service when he got out of the Army in the early 70’s.   I got to visit the Oval office, & tour the White House; went to lots of museums, the zoo, the Jefferson & Lincoln Memorials; had picnics on the mall in front of the Washington Monument and enjoyed the cherry blossoms in the spring.

Everyone knows that Washington DC is our nation’s capital and that it’s where you can visit some of the world’s most famous monuments and memorials. But there are a few little known facts about DC that many people would be surprised by.

TWO AMERICAN PRESIDENTS KEPT ALLIGATORS AT THE WHITE HOUSE.  It’s true; both Herbert Hoover and John Quincy Adams had pet alligators in the white house.

DARTH VADER ADORNS THE NATIONAL CATHEDRAL.  This iconic building has many gargoyles and one of them is the sculpted head of Darth Vader. Bring binoculars and check him out on the northwest tower.

You can read more fun facts about Washington DC HERE

Our complimentary blocks this week include a silhouette of the Capitol dome, and a fun tropical scene from the US Virgin Islands.

 You can get your complimentary blocks for the Capitol building HERE.


The sample block for the US Virgin Island can be found HERE.

Don't want to take the time to cut your fabric, then check out the laser precut applique kits that are available. We have several kits for you to chose from.  The first kit includes the Capitol Dome silhouette and a Jefferson Memorial silhouette.  The second kit comes with the
Lincoln Memorial Silhouette & the Capitol Dome. 
The US Virgin Island kits comes with all the applique pieces shown, precut with a laser for accuracy and in the colors as shown. 
Kits can be purchased HERE  for a limited time ONLY.
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