USA Block Tour - Puerto Rico

January 17, 2021
Welcome to Week #25 - Puerto Rico by Appliqués Quilts and More.  This week we have designed two of Puerto Rico National Symbols.  - El Coquí, the National Symbol is a tiny 1" tree frog that sings throughout the night & the Flor de Maga's flower - the “national” flower of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico which also known as a Hibiscus.  
10 FUN FACTS about Puerto Rico

From having the largest distillery in the world and a rain forest without snakes, Puerto Rico is definitely a country to visit. Check out this list of interesting facts about Puerto Rico.

1. The name of Puerto Rico is derived from its abundance of natural resources, especially gold.
2. Puerto Rico is also called the land of the Valiant Lord.
3. San Juan is the most populous city in Puerto Rico.
4. Puerto Rico was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493.
5. Barceloneta in Puerto Rico has the world’s biggest pharmaceutical complex.
6. “Coqui” is a frog that can only be found in Puerto Rico.
7. The current population of Puerto Rico is 3,661,548 as of November 18, 2017.
8. Puerto Rico is the only place that has a tropical rainforest without bears and snakes.
9. The Bacardi rum factory located in San Juan, is the largest rum distillery in the world.
10. Puerto Rico is famous for three things: Ricky Martin, Recession, and Rum.

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