Sew Much Fun Tour - Week #43

May 22, 2022

Week #43 by Appliques Quilts and More.  This is our 4th trip on this tour and we're introducing some yarn work with our ball of crochet yarn & hook.  I love to crochet and have made a lot of afghans for my family & friends over the years.  

You can get the  FREE pattern here

If you would like a laser precut applique, you can purchase it on the website.  It is available in different sizes.  Although the silhouette is currently only available in black, if you would like a different color, please email Carolyn at

Patterns are available until the end of the tour July 2022.  

Upcoming participants for May 
05-08-22 - Dragonfly's Quilting Design Studio
05-15-22 - Inquiring Quilter
05-22-22 - Appliqués Quilts and More
05-29-22 - Rona the Ribbiter 

in case you missed the previous week's participants, here are their links.
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Dragonfly's Design Studio    Applique Kit                     Faith & Fabric 
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Appliques Quilts and More  Duck Creek Quilting        Patchwork Breeze
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Katie Mae Quilts             Carolina Moore              Phoebe Moon Designs
Week 12                           Week 13                          Week 14
Penny Spool Quilts             Craftapoolza              Dragonfly's Quilting Design 
Week 15                              Week 16                            Week 17
Appliques Quilts and More    Cayenne Ridge Quilts   Sunflower Stitcheries
Week 18                            Week 19                                 Week 20
Ladybug's Cabin              Inquiring Quilter                     True Blue Quilts
Week #21                            Week #22                         Week #23
Sunflower Stitcheries        Orange Blossom Quilt      Rona the Ribbiter                                                         
Week #24                            Week #25                     Week #26
Quilt Fabrication              Faith & Fabric                Slice of Pi
Week #27                        Week #28                        Week #29
Your Sewing Friend          Textile Time Travels        Penny Spool Quilts
Week 30                         Week 31                           Week 32
Sunflower Stitcheries      Inquiring Quilter            Katie Mae Quilts
Week 33                            Week 34                        Week 35
Sunflower Stitcheries        Dragonfly's Quilting      Tourmaline Thyme
Week #36                          Week #37                   Week #38
Sweet Potato Quilts        Appliques Quilts and More    Blue Bear Quilts
Week #39                    Week #40                          Week #41
Nestlings by Robin         Prairie Sewn Studios     Dragonfly's Quilting            
Week #42                     Week #43                          Week #44
Inquiring Quilter          Appliques Quilts and More      Rona the Ribbiter


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